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History of the Kiva Koffeehouse...

Kiva Koffeehouse was created by artist, mentor, contractor, inventor and engineer, Bradshaw Bowman. The idea was born in 1990 and the structure was completed in June 1998. The main materials used in this structure are crafted wood elements from logs, stone and glass.

Mr. Bradshaw BowmanIt took 2 years to collect the 13 Ponderosa Pine perimeter logs from the high forests of the West. Some of these logs have nearly 300 rings, existing even before our country was born. The smaller interior logs and Vigas (rafters) are Spruce. The latillas are from smaller Lodge Pole Pine. The sandstone walls were quarried from our on-site quarry.

Mr. Bowman, at a very young at heart age of 87, completed Kiva Koffeehouse. He worked to create and continue this project, which is Kiva Kottage, embedded in the rim beneath the KIVA. 

His love of this project served to give him an unparalleled drive in his last days until his death on Christmas Eve 2000. He is missed by those that knew him, but his work will serve as a memory of a very special man.

Kiva Koffeehouse offers a variety of great food, amazing views, and a look into the history of the Escalante Canyon.  It is open on a seasonal basis April to October.Mr. Bradshaw Bowman



"Kiva Koffeehouse is an experience
not to be missed when visiting
the beauty of Southern Utah."
Shayne S., St. George, Utah, USA



From Interior of Kiva Koffeehouse looking out